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MaNGOS One installation

MaNGOS is a MMO server compatible with World of Warcraft (WoW) but it has been built to support any MMO game. There is a different version for each release of WoW. The version for WoW vanilla is called MaNGOS Zero, the one for the first extension (The Burning Crusade) is called MaNGOS One, and so on. In this article, I will explain how to fetch the source, compiled them, install MaNGOS, set it up and run it ! I'm doing it on Linux (Xubuntu 13.04), but you can see more information on how to install it on Windows on the MaNGOS wiki.

Fetching the source. Getting the dependencies.

MaNGOS is separated in several pieces. First there is the core, which is called server. All information is stored in a database. There are several possible databases, I'll use the MaNGOS one. See the MaNGOS website for more information about the others databases. Then, there is the scripting part, which take care of advanced behavior of several part of the game such as NPCs, bosses, etc. MaNGOS One is available on Github. As such, you are going to need git to fetch the different part of the project: ~/ # apt-get install git Then you need to get the different parts:
~ # mkdir mangos
~ # cd mangos
~/mangos # git clone git://
~/mangos # cd server/src/bindings
~/mangos/server/src/bindings # git clone git:// ScriptDev2
You will also need a compiler and different dependencies needed by MaNGOS. They are common packages so you can get them from your package manager: ~ # apt-get install build-essential gcc g++ automake git-core autoconf make patch libmysql++-dev libtool libssl-dev grep binutils zlibc libc6 libbz2-dev cmake That's all you need for now. Let's compile.

Compilation time !

Before starting the compilation, you need to patch the source to include the scripting system you downloaded. ~/mangos/ # git apply src/bindings/ScriptDev2/patches/MaNGOS-*-ScriptDev2.patch Now, create a directory in which you will compile the server.
~/mangos # mkdir objdir
~/mangos # cd objdir
And now, you can finally start the compilation !
~/mangos/objdir # cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/mangos-server
~/mangos/objdir # make


Just type the following: ~/mangos/objdir # make install That's it !

The databases.

So you have the server installed. However, you still don't have the databases. The DBMS used by MaNGOS is MySQL. So let's install it. You also need to get the databases data from the MaNGOS git repository.
~/mangos # apt-get install mysql-server
~/mangos # git clone git://
You can also install PhpMyAdmin if you want to access your databases from your browser rather than from the command line. ~/mangos # apt-get install phpmyadmin Your databases are then accessible at But first, you have to create them. Scripts are available in the server directory to setting them up.
~/mangos # cd server/sql
~/mangos/server/sql # mysql -u root -p < create_mysql.sql
~/mangos/server/sql # mysql -u root -p realmd < realmd.sql
~/mangos/server/sql # mysql -u root -p characters < characters.sql
~/mangos/server/sql # mysql -u root -p mangos < mangos.sql
ScriptDev2 also need its database.
~/mangos # cd server/src/bindings/ScriptDev2/sql
~/mangos/server/src/bindings/ScriptDev2/sql # mysql -u root -p < scriptdev2_create_database.sql
~/mangos/server/src/bindings/ScriptDev2/sql # mysql -u root -p scriptdev2 < scriptdev2_create_structure_mysql.sql
~/mangos/server/src/bindings/ScriptDev2/sql # mysql -u root -p scriptdev2 < scriptdev2_script_full.sql
You now need to populate the database. Let's create the SQL script which will take care of it.
~/mangos # cd database/_tools
~/mangos/database/_tools # bash
~/mangos/database/_tools # mysql -u root -p mangos < full_db.sql
You may also need to apply update. The server will tell you if you need them when you will try to run it. The updates are located in ~/mangos/server/sql/updates.


Go to the configuration directory and create the base configuration.
~/ # cd /opt/mangos-server/etc
/opt/mangos-server/etc # cp mangosd.conf.dist mangosd.conf
/opt/mangos-server/etc # cp realmd.conf.dist realmd.conf
/opt/mangos-server/etc # cp scriptdev2.conf.dist scriptdev2.conf
Then you need to edit mangosd.conf and change the following values:
And create the directories: /opt/mangos-server/ # mkdir data log


You need to extract some data from the WoW client. Take a look at the wiki on how to do it on Linux or Windows. Move all data extracted to your data directory (/opt/mangos-server/data).

Let's run it !

You should know that running a program as root while it doesn't need it is a VERY BAD idea. So you are going to create a new user to run MaNGOS. You also need to change the right in the /opt/mangos-server directory so this user can launch MaNGOS correctly.
~ # adduser --no-create-home mangos
~ # chown -R mangos:mangos /opt/mangos-server 
Then you can switch to the user mangos and launch both parts. Launch them in different terminal.
 ~ # su mangos
~ # /opt/mangos-server/bin/realmd
~ # /opt/mangos-server/bin/mangosd
That's the moment you can have issue with the database not being up to date. Just run the updates you need, be careful on which database you need to run them:
~/mangos # cd sql/updates
~/mangos/sql/updates # mysql -u root -p database < sxxxx_database_*.sql 

First account creation.

You can now create your own account. You can type commands directly on the terminal running MaNGOS.
account create "username" "password"
account set addon "username" 2
account set gmlevel "username" 3
Tadaa. Your account has been created and you have access to all the administrator commands ! Modify your client and have fun.


I can connect and I see my realm but I cannot connect to it.

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